Designer Lights by Santa & Cole

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Founded in 1985 Santa & Cole provide an eclectic selection of products and ranges, of which lighting is only a part.


Largely showcasing the best of Spanish design and mailnly working with internationally renowned Spanish architects and designers. Santa and Cole contribute new design and also rework and improve upon classic products and designs.


Santa & Cole lights can be stunning architectural lights, filling imposing spaces. Or warm friendly lights creating a comfortable and natural environment. Whatever your requirements Santa and Cole can provide an inspiring lighting solution.

Our Favourites!

Basica Minima

Tripode G5

GT1500 Pendant Lamp

Estadio Pendant Light

Other Products by Santa & Cole

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GATCPAC Floor Lamp

GT1000 Pendant Light Fluorescent

GT1000 Pendant Light LED

GT1500 Pendant Lamp

GT1500 Pendant Light LED

GT5 Pendant

GT7 Pendant Lamp

Headhat Ceramic L

Headhat Ceramic S

Headhat Metallic L

Headhat Metallic M

Headhat Metallic S

La Colilla Pendant Light

Leonardo Pendant Light

Liceo Pendant Light

M64 Pendant Light

M68 Pendant Light

Moare Floor Lamp

Moragas Table Lamp

Nagoya N3

Nimba Pendant Light

Pie de Salon

Sexta Pendant Light

SIN L Pendant Light

SIN L Table Light

SIN S Pendant

SIN S Table Lamps

Singular Wall Light

TMC Floor Lamp

TMD Floor Lamp

TMD Table Lamp

TMM Floor Lamp