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&tradition lighting brings Scandanavian contemporary lighting design to your space. The &tradition view is espoused in their own commitment to their values.


"Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential. This is our Nordic tradition and heritage. &tradition aims to bridge these values to contemporary design, reshaping, redefining and reinventing materials, techniques and forms. &tradition covers the masters of yesterday, the leading designers of today and the talent who may create the classics of the future. We scout for design talent and handpick production facilities globally.But our roots are still Nordic. We respect nature that provides our raw materials, and we believe in design that is made to last."

Our Favourites!

Flowerpot VP1 Brushed Stainless Steel

Spinning BH2

Bulb SR1


Other Products by &tradition

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Flowerpot VP3 Turquoise

Flowerpot VP3 White

Flowerpot VP3 Yellow

Flowerpot VP4 Matt Black

Flowerpot VP4 Matt White

Flowerpot VP4 Polished Brass

Flowerpot VP4 Polished Copper

Flowerpot VP4 Stainless Steel

Ice Chandelier

Light Forest Ceiling Light

Light Forest Wall Light

Marble Light SV1

Marble Light SV2

Marble Light SV3

Marble Light SV4

Marble Light SV5

Marble Light SV6

Marble Light SV7

Mass NA5

Mass NA6 - Chandelier

Mega Bulb SR2

Milk Table Lamp

Spinning BH1

Spinning BH2

Topan Black

Topan Black and Gold

Topan Brushed Aluminium

Topan Green

Topan Mint

Topan Orange

Topan Red

Topan Turquoise